As upcoming artists, we are mostly seen as the weakest link in the music industry. We are viewed as cash cows,some are used for free performances,free marketing etc. As we are struggling for success we get mugged in the process by the industry gurus. This is the story between Towdeemac Brand manager and Sweetchedda Manager.

My name is Thabo Moshole and im the founder of sweetchedda entertainment a small company desiring to help upcoming musicians through my online store .

I was setting up a Hip Hop battle competition whereby I wanted Towdeemac to be a judge at final stage and perform for our winner of the competition. So now the completion did not happen since we did not reach our goal of having enough members to take part in the competition.

I rendered a service from Towdeemac (Morafe member) through his manager Levi. Levi is the one who is responsible for the Towdeemac brand bookings which involved performance, judging and feature etc. My money was not enough for all I wanted so I settled for a feature for which has cost me the sum of R5000. I paid that amount upfront to Towdeemac account. He even called me to confirm the success of my deposit.

Hip Hop Battle 2018 did not happen due to not having enough candidates. So I as an artist decided that I will fill that space and place myself as the winner and work on that feature since the money has been paid for. I went to Major pain studios and worked on a single with Hammet pain (the producer) and 16 jones my fellow rapper. We killed the song and I sent it to Levi via email (i made a zipped file with software and the song in wave format). I was so happy about the song and made sure I accommodate him. I remember I called Levi. She said to me “please send an mp3 song in order for Towdeemac to listen to it and then decide if he will be able to work with us or not”. Ok I went back to make it an mp3 file and re-sent it to Levi.

After a couple of days I called Levi and she said to me that Towdeemac cannot record a verse for a that song all he can do is school us, teach us on how to make a good music. My question to Levi was who will pay for that? Levi started raising her voice and said to me the service has been paid for so no need to pay any extra fees. I’m sitting there like as sweetchedda we did not arrange a learning session or whatever she calls it, we paid for a feature so I asked for a refund. Levi made it clear to me that she won’t repay me and there won’t be any feature the only offer available is tutoring.

Now this is white collar crime.

The communication between Levi and I made me realize that there are plenty of local acts out there who are mugged by their fellow musicians. I for one will take an advantage out of that situation but many out there are helpless and hopeless after such incident. People who should upgrade us are actually the one whose destroying talents.

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  1. I think it’s best if you arrange a meeting with the guy and sort the matter out, maybe he could get you a nice studio and record a nice song with good quality. We can’t blame him for refusing to jump on a song due to his understanding of music elements that he felt wasn’t good, but atleast sit down with the guy and let him know that you really wanna work with him on a song not tutoring. I mean 5k is a lot of money, if you’ll don’t reach a good agreement then he should pay you back. He wouldn’t also wanna lose 5k to someone else, nobody would.

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