Sweetchedda is an online platform for musicians and brands who struggled to sell their craft. This is a
marketing, Trading and a platform to explore the arts. We are a link between buyers and sellers trading
in the following categories
1. Music
2. Short films
3. eBooks
4. Clothing brands.
Pricing and Benefits
All sorts of media to be uploaded on sweetchedda website must pay up a R00.00 registration fee for
administration responsibilities. Please note that clients will get a 100% payout after selling their
products and clients will be charged 20% for product management after the product is sold. This means
that 20% will already be deducted by the time the payment reaches the client banking account.
1. Music-online and offline music marketing, shortlist to our database and booking opportunity.
2. Short films-free online and offline marketing.
3. eBooks online marketing.
4. Clothing brands-free online and offline marketing for all sorts of clothing accessories
Terms and conditions
– The online product placing process will take up to 7 working days maximum
– All clients have the right to price their products reasonably.
– All our clients have the right to market their brands in order to make more revenue.
– Sweetchedda will make sure that all our new clients are marketed as promised.
– Sweetchedda charges its clients20% fee for product management after the product is sold.
– We will be able to make payment after the product have made 100 downloads.
– All fans listening to music and for more information will have to go through subscription in
order to stay updated.
– While ordering clothing products please give us full information requested in order for us to
bring you the correct size and color to your doorstep.
– Clothes will be delivered to your door step via courier and not post so it’s important to leave us
an address and contact details.
– Music, eBooks and short films will be accessible immediately after a client processed the
– All fans have the right to subscription with us in order to be the first in the know about our new
– All fans have the right to listen to music, review short films, read through the eBook and or
check on our wide range of clothing products before downloading or placing an order this will depend
on how u chose a subscribtion premiums.
– Sweetchedda will do payouts after clients made 100 downloads
– clients will receive a statement after 50 downloads to help them keep track of their work sales.
– Clothing clients will be charged R350 and payable before information uploaded on the website.
The fee is valued for a period of 12 moths.
– All customers in search for clothing sold on sweetchedda stores will be forwarded to brand
Sweetchedda revenue circle
Sweetchedda will make money from Music and eBooks sales, subscriptions and
What needs to be done on
1.Add online blog.
With this block I can be able to write stories of artists, profiles, events stories, clothing
stories, add video and music links, artists pictures, eBooks descriptions, interviews,
question an answers and music business tips. I can also use this as a space for advertisers.
After I posted something fans must be able to read and comment on the post. Artist that
has an account can also be able to receive such posts together with fans who subscribed
with sweetchedda.
2.Registration account
Account registration for artists for they can easily send me their new music, artist
profiles, current news update through their account to and
include all their details and I will be able to send them a statements and updates and
business tips in return. Immediately after I received artist new account I will send them
about page and other information. This will also help me monitor which artist to market
first. us.
Facebook page, Instagram, tweeter account,
whatsapp account and business contacts.
Action plan
Musicians visit the website fill up the form to create an account, post their music(single,
album, ep etc) and artist profile. The info goes straight into
email. Then I will go through the email and open an account for such artist, keep them
updated on any information necessary. For further information musicians have the right
to call me on my phone, whatsapp, facebook, Instagram or tweeter. I will post on my
sweetchedda blog of any new artist, profiles, lifestyle an all in our world of fun an all
may understand the type of artist and the products. Fans may subscribe for news, music
and all depending on the premium they can afford. Subscribed fans will be the first to
receive any can easily buy music or eBook on sweetchedda if they have
payment access even if they are not subscribed with us. When I write an article about a
new artist on sweetchedda I will also add their music link that leads to their sweetchedda
account in our store for listening and purchase options