Promote Me

1.Music Distribution:

Plan A

R200 per month

R2000 per year

Music will be distributed to All Distrokid digital stores


Plan B

R175 per month

R1750 per year

With Plan B you get to choose any store of your choice.


Plan C

R150 Per Month

R1500 Per Year

for selected stores including Spotify, itunes, Shazam, Tidal,

Deezer, Tik Tok, Google Music, Youtube music, Pandora and Amazon.



Playlist is a file of selected songs that start playing automatically when one opens sweetchedda website. Anyone who is interested to know about the artist that plays the current song may click on the song for more information. Music of Special T maybe used for the rest to follow.

For artists to take part in play listing their music one will have to pay R150.00

The importance of Playlist is that it helps musicians to be recognized by fans and music lovers who visit sweetchedda website.

3.Streaming benefits.

Sweetchedda Has Put Aside R1500 for a song that tops the streaming chart in each month. If it means the same Artist remain number one for three months prior, R1500 will be given to the second positioned artist and so on.

This is meant to motivate musicians to promote their music and by doing so sweetchedda honors the musician.

4.Music Submission To Radio Stations.

This platform is very important for a musician may use this platform to submit their music to the following for a fee.

-community radio stations= R250.00

-Provincial Radio stations= R350

-National Radio Stations= R500


5.Music submission for Ringtones