As we promised you that at Sweetchedda we motivate, inspire and build musicians to be better individuals, Thato (our journalist) managed to sit down with Moretele community radio Presenter by the name of Petros Masango known as BiG P. The pair had an ongoing discussion based on Big P’s skill of parenting.

The Love Zone presenter, radio host and Mc has proven it that he is a man of family and that a family means love as he takes us through his father daughters relationship.


Here are 4 questions and answers about his parenting skills that we hope will Motivate and inspire young fathers out there. Straight out of Big P’s mouth.


Here’s our questions to Big P the Entertainer.


1_ Have you raised your kids similarly to how you were raised, what have you tried to do differently?


ANSWER by BIG P _ “I can say partly yes, because I was raised with love and I’m trying my best to raise my kids with love as well. Though my parents were strict and I’m a bit soft to my kids. (Smiling).”


2_ What are the most challenging aspects for being a father?


ANSWER by BIG P _ “ Most challenging aspects neh (as he plays with his chin). Well trying to balance time, spending time with them, don’t get me wrong though, I spend most of my time with them but I’m always in the street trying to hustle for them, at night I’m hardly home and during the day I’m also on the street trying to hustle as well.”


3_ At this stage in your life, what are your best family memories?


ANSWER by BIG P _” Well people don’t know that when both my kids were born I was at the hospital , and holding them both for the first time right after delivery, now that is the best moment for me. Memories that will be cherished for the rest of my breathing days.”


4_ Finish these sentence: ” in my life I’m most proud that…… ”


ANSWER by BIP P. ” in my life I’m most proud that I’m a responsible father, I do everything for my kids and I always try my best to raise them well. I’m proud of myself “. And I would like to close by saying R..B..B..B..B. RE BACHA BA BA BUSY!!!


Well you can also catch Big P on his radio show “The love zone” weekdays from 22:00 to 02:00 At Moretele FM 106.6


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Twitter @Bigponair

Facebook: I’am Bip-P

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written by

Thato Jones



Edited by Thabo Moshole

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