I am Willy Phalatse, a self-proclaimed Music producer, Sound Engineer and
Recording Artist born and bred in the early 70s in Mathibestaad, North of Pretoria in
a Village called Ditaung until I moved the 80s to a neighboring village known as

I matriculated in the 1990, after matriculating I started developing an interest in music. During that period, we were disadvantaged by technology, so I ended up
being a vocalist and participating in clap n tap choirs to fulfill my desire in music.

In the early 90s, my mother, a single parent saw my potential and bought me my first
keyboard. I started learning how to play chords and melodies. My love for music paved ways for me and started meeting other artist who had the same interest in music as me which led to us forming a local music band in 1992.

By then music bands were the in thing and we would spend  hours
performing at weddings, parties and business conferences. We used the band as a
way of living and we would live on the income generated from gigs to survive.

As the music industry evolved, the band was disbanded due to conflicts within the
band and therefor changed my vision in music and focused on building a solo career
as an artist. My professional career commenced in 1997 when I released my first
debut album titled “Sione re yaya” executive produced by the great Solly Moholo under a company Cool Spot Production.

The album was a hit and went on to sell more than 18 000 hard copies. I later left the
stable due to certain differences between me and my label and later went to
establish the stable due to certain differences between me and my label and later went to
establish my own record label, Prince Willys Music Production. Due to being
disadvantaged, I had to save every cent I had to build my own studio and for my
studio to prosper, I had to rely on modules and tutorials to enrich myself with
knowledge and skills required to run a music studio.

Before, the only way to make something out of music was to have a recording deal
however the advancements of technology have taken away that need. Digital
platforms have made it easier to get your content out there and get paid for your
content being played all over the continent. These digital platforms have enabled us
to generate income from royalties and potential music placements for commercials
or soundtracks.

I have chosen to produce music as I prefer working behind the scenes. You don’t
get too much pressure when you behind the scenes as you not always in the
spotlight. I started producing music in the early 90s after I left CoolSpot. That’s when
I established my own record label, Prince Willys Music Production. I also had other
visions which were to address underprivileged artists.

The best advice to all start up producers out there is stop spending your energy
criticizing other producers’ crafts or production, rather save that energy to yourself to
uplift yourself and your skill. The most important thing is that they must always
practice, learning does not stop. At the same time, they must be open to criticism, It’s
not every time that people will like your craft however that does not mean they
should give up but rather head back to the drawing board until they can formulate a
strategy. At the end of the day, fans are the one to judge. You may learn something useful from that backroom producer from your neighborhood even if you do not like the guy.

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