Lenyora la Pitori

Lenyora la Pitori
Special T

Otla tlala ka Lenyora la pitori,hommie
(otla tlala, tlala,otla tlala,tlala)backround x2
Otlatlala ka lenyora la pitori,homeboy
(otla tlala,tlala,otla tlala,tlala)backround

verse 1
Ere ke ba tsene ka style, plus asebe ke fetoge ke sa rata go dlala ka rhyme
see im still the same old guy wao pusha brand le style
osa makala ke byao,im all clean an stylish
number one sundowns fan without a membership
ofcourse yes we number one on the log without the sponsorship
for sweetchedda.com ive got the ownership
yes it’s true, i rap about money cause ive got it
neoreng ke lenyora san,theres nothing you can do about it
i roll in my all star net go charm’a bana
living my life lavish net go tlatsa manaba
im so dedicated to the hustle,motivated by the same hustle
gafisa banyana brand is still mine,city to city tour is all mine
oh yes im solo,running my own promo,catch me on the street selling my demo
got prince willies on this getting right on the tempo
sweetchedda baby heading straight to the top, i’ve got this.

chorus x2

verse 2
I’m from the capital city of Southern Africa
living my life in Hammanskraal man i’m running Africa
like Nike shoes, I juist do it, if its a beat I just kill it
so call me a murderer cause I’m killing ’em heads
Man I drive girls crazy cause I’ve got the airbags
Not that I’m speeding, I’m just in a rush
I’ve got my eyes on a paper man I ain’t talking photograph
Yeah I want it all like AKA, though I can’t be holly like reverand T.D Jakes
ke lenyora san, full time hustler tsotsi nna ke phela ke spina san
ke batla goja nyoko ke qhome go tshwana le Speedy maan
I’m chasing on a Million, riding on a gravy train
I can’t slow down man I’m riding on a fast lane
I’m your girl’s favourite man I’m selling like the fat cakes
This is what dreams are made of, I make money ka dipina
All time everytime ke tshwara bana ba ba pila
If Hip Hop is a drama then Imma play a Hustler Lenyora.

chorus x2

verse 3
let’s get the facts straight man I’m uncomparable
So fresh from the hood man I’m unexpectable
forever looking young ofcouse I’m adorable
I get booked by the girls cause I’m so reliable
Just when i drop the mic all I get is oh my Gosh
I’m a player in this game I always win oh my Gosh
You’ll never get the girls I date cause ur not in my league
ke skeema marabele hommie u call us major league
Satlo tseya chance home boy,u know ur too weak
I’m all over the airwaves everyweek
That’s why they it said hustlers never sleep
I’m in the game for the money your in the game for the chicks
you’re chasing pretty girls and pretty girls are chasing me
You’re dreaming the riches the minute u claim ur friends with me
Special T the hustler oh My gosh

Produced By Special T for Sweetchedda Entertainment,
Recorded at Prince Willies studios
Engineered by Cazba wizba


Know your Artist


Stage Name:Tory Cee Alsina

Birth Name: Bongani Lucky

Last Name: Mokoena

Town: Hammanskraal

City: Pretoria Za

Age: 23

Genre: Hip Hop

Label: unsigned

Associates: Karabo Mnisi,Leon lee and Wizibeatz

Projects: No more cry ft Leon lee, Drunk in love(prod by Maydee SA).

Hints: Alsina made it to perform at Uhuru’s  Xelimpilo’s birthday party. nominated to various music award. lately droped a music video for drunk in love.

My story

I am Willy Phalatse, a self-proclaimed Music producer, Sound Engineer and
Recording Artist born and bred in the early 70s in Mathibestaad, North of Pretoria in
a Village called Ditaung until I moved the 80s to a neighboring village known as

I matriculated in the 1990, after matriculating I started developing an interest in music. During that period, we were disadvantaged by technology, so I ended up
being a vocalist and participating in clap n tap choirs to fulfill my desire in music.

In the early 90s, my mother, a single parent saw my potential and bought me my first
keyboard. I started learning how to play chords and melodies. My love for music paved ways for me and started meeting other artist who had the same interest in music as me which led to us forming a local music band in 1992.

By then music bands were the in thing and we would spend  hours
performing at weddings, parties and business conferences. We used the band as a
way of living and we would live on the income generated from gigs to survive.

As the music industry evolved, the band was disbanded due to conflicts within the
band and therefor changed my vision in music and focused on building a solo career
as an artist. My professional career commenced in 1997 when I released my first
debut album titled “Sione re yaya” executive produced by the great Solly Moholo under a company Cool Spot Production.

The album was a hit and went on to sell more than 18 000 hard copies. I later left the
stable due to certain differences between me and my label and later went to
establish the stable due to certain differences between me and my label and later went to
establish my own record label, Prince Willys Music Production. Due to being
disadvantaged, I had to save every cent I had to build my own studio and for my
studio to prosper, I had to rely on modules and tutorials to enrich myself with
knowledge and skills required to run a music studio.

Before, the only way to make something out of music was to have a recording deal
however the advancements of technology have taken away that need. Digital
platforms have made it easier to get your content out there and get paid for your
content being played all over the continent. These digital platforms have enabled us
to generate income from royalties and potential music placements for commercials
or soundtracks.

I have chosen to produce music as I prefer working behind the scenes. You don’t
get too much pressure when you behind the scenes as you not always in the
spotlight. I started producing music in the early 90s after I left CoolSpot. That’s when
I established my own record label, Prince Willys Music Production. I also had other
visions which were to address underprivileged artists.

The best advice to all start up producers out there is stop spending your energy
criticizing other producers’ crafts or production, rather save that energy to yourself to
uplift yourself and your skill. The most important thing is that they must always
practice, learning does not stop. At the same time, they must be open to criticism, It’s
not every time that people will like your craft however that does not mean they
should give up but rather head back to the drawing board until they can formulate a
strategy. At the end of the day, fans are the one to judge. You may learn something useful from that backroom producer from your neighborhood even if you do not like the guy.

White Collar Crime

As upcoming artists, we are mostly seen as the weakest link in the music industry. We are viewed as cash cows,some are used for free performances,free marketing etc. As we are struggling for success we get mugged in the process by the industry gurus. This is the story between Towdeemac Brand manager and Sweetchedda Manager.

My name is Thabo Moshole and im the founder of sweetchedda entertainment a small company desiring to help upcoming musicians through my online store www.sweetchedda.co.za .

I was setting up a Hip Hop battle competition whereby I wanted Towdeemac to be a judge at final stage and perform for our winner of the competition. So now the completion did not happen since we did not reach our goal of having enough members to take part in the competition.

I rendered a service from Towdeemac (Morafe member) through his manager Levi. Levi is the one who is responsible for the Towdeemac brand bookings which involved performance, judging and feature etc. My money was not enough for all I wanted so I settled for a feature for which has cost me the sum of R5000. I paid that amount upfront to Towdeemac account. He even called me to confirm the success of my deposit.

Hip Hop Battle 2018 did not happen due to not having enough candidates. So I as an artist decided that I will fill that space and place myself as the winner and work on that feature since the money has been paid for. I went to Major pain studios and worked on a single with Hammet pain (the producer) and 16 jones my fellow rapper. We killed the song and I sent it to Levi via email (i made a zipped file with software and the song in wave format). I was so happy about the song and made sure I accommodate him. I remember I called Levi. She said to me “please send an mp3 song in order for Towdeemac to listen to it and then decide if he will be able to work with us or not”. Ok I went back to make it an mp3 file and re-sent it to Levi.

After a couple of days I called Levi and she said to me that Towdeemac cannot record a verse for a that song all he can do is school us, teach us on how to make a good music. My question to Levi was who will pay for that? Levi started raising her voice and said to me the service has been paid for so no need to pay any extra fees. I’m sitting there like as sweetchedda we did not arrange a learning session or whatever she calls it, we paid for a feature so I asked for a refund. Levi made it clear to me that she won’t repay me and there won’t be any feature the only offer available is tutoring.

Now this is white collar crime.

The communication between Levi and I made me realize that there are plenty of local acts out there who are mugged by their fellow musicians. I for one will take an advantage out of that situation but many out there are helpless and hopeless after such incident. People who should upgrade us are actually the one whose destroying talents.

Parenting Skills

As we promised you that at Sweetchedda we motivate, inspire and build musicians to be better individuals, Thato (our journalist) managed to sit down with Moretele community radio Presenter by the name of Petros Masango known as BiG P. The pair had an ongoing discussion based on Big P’s skill of parenting.

The Love Zone presenter, radio host and Mc has proven it that he is a man of family and that a family means love as he takes us through his father daughters relationship.


Here are 4 questions and answers about his parenting skills that we hope will Motivate and inspire young fathers out there. Straight out of Big P’s mouth.


Here’s our questions to Big P the Entertainer.


1_ Have you raised your kids similarly to how you were raised, what have you tried to do differently?


ANSWER by BIG P _ “I can say partly yes, because I was raised with love and I’m trying my best to raise my kids with love as well. Though my parents were strict and I’m a bit soft to my kids. (Smiling).”


2_ What are the most challenging aspects for being a father?


ANSWER by BIG P _ “ Most challenging aspects neh (as he plays with his chin). Well trying to balance time, spending time with them, don’t get me wrong though, I spend most of my time with them but I’m always in the street trying to hustle for them, at night I’m hardly home and during the day I’m also on the street trying to hustle as well.”


3_ At this stage in your life, what are your best family memories?


ANSWER by BIG P _” Well people don’t know that when both my kids were born I was at the hospital , and holding them both for the first time right after delivery, now that is the best moment for me. Memories that will be cherished for the rest of my breathing days.”


4_ Finish these sentence: ” in my life I’m most proud that…… ”


ANSWER by BIP P. ” in my life I’m most proud that I’m a responsible father, I do everything for my kids and I always try my best to raise them well. I’m proud of myself “. And I would like to close by saying R..B..B..B..B. RE BACHA BA BA BUSY!!!


Well you can also catch Big P on his radio show “The love zone” weekdays from 22:00 to 02:00 At Moretele FM 106.6


Social media handle

Twitter @Bigponair

Facebook: I’am Bip-P

Facebook page : Big P

written by

Thato Jones



Edited by Thabo Moshole