Lenyora la Pitori
Special T

Otla tlala ka Lenyora la pitori,hommie
(otla tlala, tlala,otla tlala,tlala)backround x2
Otlatlala ka lenyora la pitori,homeboy
(otla tlala,tlala,otla tlala,tlala)backround

verse 1
Ere ke ba tsene ka style, plus asebe ke fetoge ke sa rata go dlala ka rhyme
see im still the same old guy wao pusha brand le style
osa makala ke byao,im all clean an stylish
number one sundowns fan without a membership
ofcourse yes we number one on the log without the sponsorship
for sweetchedda.com ive got the ownership
yes it’s true, i rap about money cause ive got it
neoreng ke lenyora san,theres nothing you can do about it
i roll in my all star net go charm’a bana
living my life lavish net go tlatsa manaba
im so dedicated to the hustle,motivated by the same hustle
gafisa banyana brand is still mine,city to city tour is all mine
oh yes im solo,running my own promo,catch me on the street selling my demo
got prince willies on this getting right on the tempo
sweetchedda baby heading straight to the top, i’ve got this.

chorus x2

verse 2
I’m from the capital city of Southern Africa
living my life in Hammanskraal man i’m running Africa
like Nike shoes, I juist do it, if its a beat I just kill it
so call me a murderer cause I’m killing ’em heads
Man I drive girls crazy cause I’ve got the airbags
Not that I’m speeding, I’m just in a rush
I’ve got my eyes on a paper man I ain’t talking photograph
Yeah I want it all like AKA, though I can’t be holly like reverand T.D Jakes
ke lenyora san, full time hustler tsotsi nna ke phela ke spina san
ke batla goja nyoko ke qhome go tshwana le Speedy maan
I’m chasing on a Million, riding on a gravy train
I can’t slow down man I’m riding on a fast lane
I’m your girl’s favourite man I’m selling like the fat cakes
This is what dreams are made of, I make money ka dipina
All time everytime ke tshwara bana ba ba pila
If Hip Hop is a drama then Imma play a Hustler Lenyora.

chorus x2

verse 3
let’s get the facts straight man I’m uncomparable
So fresh from the hood man I’m unexpectable
forever looking young ofcouse I’m adorable
I get booked by the girls cause I’m so reliable
Just when i drop the mic all I get is oh my Gosh
I’m a player in this game I always win oh my Gosh
You’ll never get the girls I date cause ur not in my league
ke skeema marabele hommie u call us major league
Satlo tseya chance home boy,u know ur too weak
I’m all over the airwaves everyweek
That’s why they it said hustlers never sleep
I’m in the game for the money your in the game for the chicks
you’re chasing pretty girls and pretty girls are chasing me
You’re dreaming the riches the minute u claim ur friends with me
Special T the hustler oh My gosh

Produced By Special T for Sweetchedda Entertainment,
Recorded at Prince Willies studios
Engineered by Cazba wizba


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