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Selling services through HIRENET

Step 1.  Simply select the lead you wish to buy and proceed to CHECKOUT and pay either via Paypal or Payfast or you could do a direct EFT.  If you have preregistered you will have access to the Wallet Recharge Option.

Step 2. Once you effect payment you will have access to the leads you purchased.

Did you know that you can save thousands of rands using the wallet system.  Simply recharge at discounted prices and use your wallet for payments.  Instead of paying R10 per lead using the conventional payment methods, with the Wallet system you can pay as little as R5 per lead. So switch and Save.

Bonus:  Refer one service provider and we will recharge your Wallet with R500.


HIRENET is you Silent Marketing EXPERT.  No need to spend on expensive advertising and getting dismal results when HIRENET will bring  qualified and genuine leads to you.


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